Lovin' London...

Someone once said that no matter how bad the underground system of London is -no matter how hot, how crowded and how disgusting London underground is- it is the capillary system that holds London together; you can't get anywhere without it. It is probably one of the oldest transportation in UK that people, despite hating it, can’t live without it. It’s like marmite – you either love it or hate it. The biggest attractions of London are the Thames, underground, the people and the historical buildings. The Thames is the longest river in England; it’s a river of sorrow, darkness and imagination but great to look at when you passing by the bridge especially at night time. Then you have the endless parks, museums, gigs, theatre –especially Theatre Land- packed with heart-warming musicals, colorful plays, joyful comedy, family shows, classics and many more. Then you got the shopping malls –Westfield and the world famous Oxford street- who are open every day. At the edge of Hyde Park there is a fine and heartfelt memorial to all the animals killed in wars –‘They Had No Choice’- it reads. I love London for its tolerance for weirdness, open-mindedness, bookshops, coffee houses, diverse food, religious places, history, museums, art, theatre, cinemas, for its view and above all I love London because it is such an unpredictable place to live in. The weather is unpredictable, the people are unpredictable. London is like a Sunday morning – wet and cheerless and duller than usual until the sun starts to shine in the afternoon then it becomes a rather unusual day filled with indecisiveness on whether you should wear a coat and take an umbrella or not. The cold and bitterness of it makes me wonder that the souls of the lost are wandering in the dark, ghastly alleys of London. But when you look beyond all of that you realise the people who entered London never want to leave the city although the thought plays in their mind. Just remember though, London is like a bloodsucking vampire, over time you shall care less and less about people and society. Its one of the curses of London, but hey you get one fabulous view from your bedroom window.

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