I Fell In Love...

‘…I've fallen in love with a Farax more than twice
all he wants is a Xalimo to cook him Baasto and rice
and then he asks me if he can have four wives
I looked at him and brought out the knife
He looked scared and said you wouldn't dare
I replied: Do you think I care?
I stabbed him ten times right through the heart
The same amount of times he broke my heart
Then in a flash I woke up
and I was sitting on my Farax’s lap
I asked him: do you love me?
He said: Naaya shut up and bring me more tea
A tear dropped from my cheek
He looked at me and said lick my feet
I believe the Khat made him high
The last thing I said to him was goodbye
I took my shit and left the same night
I used to only have eyes for Somali guys
but now my Mr Right
Can be Black, Asian or White…’

By Anonymous

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