Love Is A 4 Letter Word...

'...Love is a 4 letter word,
Which for some reason i was never inclined toward.
Then all of a sudden, I don't know why
Even the mention of his name got me shy.
Was this love?
I think so.
Not just think,
I know so.
But then, out of the blue,
I didn't find him near.
And, for the first time,
My heart felt fear,
Now, he is gone,
The light in my heart is dim,
That was once brightly shone,
Will he, I wonder, ever come back?
To refill the joy, that I now lack?
The answer to this question, I know not,
Will I ever love someone the same, I know not.
For, all I know for sure,
Is that love comes with pain,
And I don't know, if I can ever love again!'

By Anonymous

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  1. nice your words touched my soul
    be happy all the time..