I Had A Dream...

I had a dream where I hugged you and said goodbye. I had a dream of dreams long forgotten and souls long buried. I had a dream of reaching my empty arms to you. I had a dream of you and me. I dreamed of your embrace, your smile, and felt your love in my dream. I clasped your hands in mine as we strolled down the beaches time forgot. I gave my heart to you, set my standards high and came crashing. I had a dream where I forgot all my worries and laughed and cried with you. I think of you often, do you think of me..? Your company completes me. Can my mind erase the feel of your hugs, the traces of your kisses and pretend it never existed. I laid my eyes on you and told you my hopes and fears. I never asked whether I ever crossed your mind, even after all these years... I am scared, I am afraid to hear the answer. My stomach is in knots, my heart fades slowly away and my dreams are haunted by you. I had a dream where I hugged you, kissed you on the cheek, said goodbye and walked away.

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