I Fell In Love [Part II]...

'...I fell in love with a spoonhead,
at first it was just a bet,
But then I started loving this spoonhead,
He just needed to be fed.
Everyday I would put meat in front of him,
But I noticed he wasn't gaining anything,
However, his head was getting bigger,
But his body wasn't any fitter.
He looked like a black shoe lace with a head on top,
He had no style whatsoever and bought clothes from the charity shop,
I said to him: ‘Dude I swear I fed you!!
So why do you still look like a starving child from Kenya’.
He replied with, ‘I got a high metabolism rate’
I told him, ‘so what go buss some weights’,
So my skinny Farax hit the gym,
and bought a nice car with some sick rims,
He got so hot all the girls chased after him
so he cheated on me with Lil’Kim.
I made the spoonhead look good,
I am the one who told him to eat food,
Now that he looks good he doesn't want me,
No more spoonheads for me...'
By Anonymous

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